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At Solent we are always looking for ways to learn and for ways to make our services better for those that use them. It is important that this is done in partnership with our patients, families, communities and others that touch our services.

It is only when you use a service that you know what it feels like. Moreover, the people most likely to be impacted by any changes we make are our patients, our service users, their families and others. It makes sense then (in fact it would be silly not to), to both use ideas from patients to improve services, but also to ensure that when we are thinking of changes, we work together with them on what they should be.

There are so many ways to do this and it can be confusing. So we’ve made this toolkit to help both our own teams and those that we look after learn about ways of working together. It includes tools to help you plan, ideas on different types of participation, and a range of resources. It also provides lots of examples of projects from around the organisation where working together has had a transformational impact on the care we deliver.

If you have a story, have any ideas for improvement or would like to learn more, contact us.

  • How it helps
  • Making a plan
  • Tools
  • Case studies
  • Contribute to an improvement project
  • Make a suggestion
  • Improvement Training