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Clinical Audit Awareness Week

#CAAW19 at Solent NHS Trust

November 25th marks the start of Clinical Audit Awareness Week, and there's a lot happening in Solent's Academy for Research and Improvement.

About Clinical Audit in Solent

Clinical Audit is a critical tool in helping understand and ensure quality of care and help us improve. Whilst it might not be considered the most "fashionable of tools" to use, its importance and impact shouldn't be underestimated.

Clinical Audit Awareness Week 2019 - #CAAW19

In Solent NHS Trust each Service Line has an annual plan of auditing and evaluation, which ties in with the Trust-wide plan. Each Service Line identifies which audits and evaluations are a priority, and managesĀ these programmes with the support of the Improvement team. In addition, to theĀ audits and evaluations that have been identified by the services, there are also programmes that we are required to support as part of our Quality Contract with commissioners or the National Audit programme.

Clinical Audit Awareness Week at Solent...

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