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Join In Toolkit

Get involved in Quality Improvement and help us improve Solent NHS Trust services for our community

Here at Solent we are always looking for ways to learn and make our services better for those that use them. This is why it's important that we work closely with our patients, carers, families, and community members to make improvements.

As someone who uses Solent NHS Trust services, you know what works well, what doesn't work the way it should, and what new innovations we should be looking at introducing. 

Any changes that we make to our services are going to impact you, so it makes complete sense that we use your ideas in order to drive improvement across our services. Additionally, we want to work with you, your family and community members, to make sure that these changes meet your needs.

There are so lots of ways that you can get involved, so we’ve made this toolkit to help you understand what's available and what would suit you. We'd suggest you start by taking a looking at our 'Benefits of Getting Involved' webpage, as well as our 'Improvement Training' course which was co-designed with a group of our patients and carers.

If you have any ideas for improvement or would like to learn more, please contact us.

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