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Pathways to getting involved

When we work together with our patients, carers, families and communities to improve and develop services, everyone benefits.

The Side-by-Side network is a group who help us to run the Academy and our events. They are a ‘critical friend’, working alongside us to shape strategy, key projects, priorities etc. They meet regularly, online and in person, but there are no obligations or time commitments.

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We are aiming to have the patient/ public voice on all of our interviews; receive training and support in helping write Job Descriptions and adverts, shortlisting and interviewing. Be part of choosing who works across our teams.

We have many improvement projects ongoing at any one time, and all of the teams include patients and community members. Some projects are led by patients, or initiated from their ideas. We can link you with teams that are most suitable for you.

Many of our workshops are delivered alongside people who’ve used our services – you can deliver training with us, help to design it, give a different perspective.

The public and patient perspective is important in our governance and the running of the ‘business’, for example, on our Research and Improvement Steering Groups, Our Learning from Experience Groups, Community Engagement Committee and many more. There is also the opportunity to co-chair once you’ve had some experience.

Tell your story, write blogs, poems, share your artwork. Support us to make our information easy to read and engaging; work with us to develop newsletters, web and social media content; helping us evolve and keep up with current trends in communication.

Support people with similar conditions or circumstances to yourself; share your expertise in helping others.

We have a small innovation fund and welcome applications from anyone who has an idea that would benefit our patients or staff. We can support you to put in applications and deliver innovative projects.

Work with our University partners (no experience necessary) to shape research topics, design studies, making them easier for people to participate in. You can do anything from being part of a study and letting us know how it felt, to being a collaborator and co-author on publications.

Be an advocate for others to be involved in research or improvement; be a part of a network of people sharing ideas and promoting new ways of working. Become a research or improvement leader, advising others on how to get involved (including staff).

We have an annual conference and other events through the year which are all open to the public; help us design and run these events to keep them current, fun and interesting. Help us to make them accessible for everyone.

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