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Solent Vaccine Programme volunteer, Ruth Taylor, has many talents which she has put to good use during her time as a COVID Tester and now, Volunteer V…

On International Nurses' Day, the Academy's Senior Research Nurse, Jo Turpitt, looks back on the past year and impact of COVID-19.

Oakley Road volunteer, Jane Pike, shares her experience of holding a number of volunteer roles as she joins the Solent NHS Trust Vaccination Programme…

Introducing our findings from our evaluation of the Solent NHS Trust response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including personal stories and key themes.

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Side-by-Side network member, Mary Ramsay, is a busy, fit, fun-loving and capable person who is living alone during lockdown 2.0.

On 22nd September 2020 the Solent Academy of Research and Improvement held our first Virtual Conference.

Solent states Team ‘builds’ Hampshire Vaccine Research Hub in the Royal South Hants Hospital.

David is a peer trainer for Solent Recovery College, as well as a Side-by-Side network member. During Covid-19 he has been using his experience to sup…

Rebecca Cowan is a Paediatric Research Nurse for Solent NHS Trust and mum of two, in this blog she shares her experience of having to take her son for…

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