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Volunteer Voices - Melanie Roberts

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Hello all, I’m an Indoor Guide at the Basingstoke Fire Station vaccination centre and I do approximately three shifts a week.

I retired as a Head of Learning and Development in 2019 and with not being able to travel (as was the plan in 2020) I decided to volunteer my time. As such, with my creative hat on, I’ve decided to write a poem that summarises my journey over the last four months.

Basingstoke Fire Station Vaccination Centre

Boxing Day arrived and lockdown three
Oh no!, winter and I want to flee
Instead, confined at home, no not again!!
But then not everything was in vain

I heard a whisper that volunteers were needed
A new retiree and the thought was seeded
Quick..get an application in through BVA
And before I knew it I was on my way

Basingstoke Fire station, I started in Feb
Outside, snow, -8, I should have stayed in bed
But then no DBS so inside I went
Indoor Guide, I was on the ascent

On with the yellow high vis and man the spots
Move our patients onto the dots
Lots of arm waving behind the masks
And learning the ropes with all the tasks 

So four months later and I’m still there
Three shifts a week and I really care...
For patients and friends that I’ve now met
A new experience and I’m forever in debt 

For working with an amazing team
A volunteer role that has fulfilled a dream
To work together to deliver the double dose
One goal that ensured we’ve all become close

Thank you Basingstoke Fire Station crew

We rock, let’s keep going, I love you! 💕

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