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Changes to activity at Solent in light of COVID-19

Throughout the COVID crisis, The Academy of Research and Improvement at Solent has continued to work collaboratively on research studies within the Trust and with our partners across the Wessex region and beyond.

In line with national priorities, our efforts have been focused on Urgent Public Health studies designed to understand how to prevent, diagnose and treat COVID-19. Some non-COVID related research has continued in an adapted format throughout the pandemic. However, many studies had to be paused or closed for safety reasons.

For research participants

If you were taking part in a study that was paused, a member of our team may be in touch with you to discuss continuing participation. The safety of research participants and staff will always be our number one concern.

For researchers

Set up of new studies was paused at the beginning of the pandemic. As we move forward, many studies will require adaptation to be feasible in the new COVID secure clinical environment.

Though nationally prioritised COVID-19 studies must remain our priority, we are also working with study teams and sponsors to assess the feasibility of re-opening, or recommencing set up, of paused studies.

We need to ensure study designs align with our adapted and evolving models of clinical service delivery. For example, many services are being delivered remotely to minimise risk to patients and staff. Therefore, approaches to recruitment, intervention and data collection need to fit with this.

If you are ready to restart your study at Solent, please contact us via email ( We will be happy to work with you. Our research team can facilitate conversations with Solent’s clinical teams / Principal Investigators (PI).

Following discussions with study teams and PI, and in the interests of clarity, our Research Governance unit will re-confirm via email to the study team that we are ready to re-open a specific study.

We are also open to considering newly arising research studies which may or may not be COVID related and welcome discussions about study design to ensure research can be conducted in our NHS community and mental health service setting.

Please feel free to contact us via for further information.

Improving health and social care in the community through research and innovation

Solent is a research active Trust, which strives to make research as accessible as possible for both staff and those that use our services. Here at the Academy, we have a number of ways to get involved in research, such as developing your own project or clinical academic career, helping to deliver a national project within Solent or even becoming a research participant yourself.

We can support you to develop your ideas, navigate the research approvals process and undertake high-quality research which has a real impact on improving patient care for the future.

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