E-SEE (Closed to Recruitment)

The E-SEE study aims to find out if a new form of support for parents called the Incredible Years programme has benefits for the wellbeing of parents and their babies. We are interested in finding out whether this new programme is more helpful than services that are already available to families in your area.

The study will look at whether there are benefits for parents and their babies but are especially interested in whether the new programme influences the social and emotional aspects of child development – that’s why we called it the ‘E-SEE’ study (Enhancing Social and Emotional health and wellbeing in the Early years).

We hope that findings from the E-SEE study will ensure parents will receive the most appropriate support to give children the best start in life.

This study has now closed to recruitment. 


Findings so far: 

Study results are being collated and analysed. Please click here if you wish to go to the study website.

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