PROVE (Closed to Recruitment)

This is a study about how best way to treat patients with osteoporosis. The research team have been funded to investigate different types of physiotherapy treatments. The study compares exercise, ‘hands on’ manual therapy and advice to find out which type of physiotherapy is the most beneficial to offer people with osteoporosis who have a vertebral fracture.

This study has now closed to recruitment. 


Findings so far: 

There were 615 people with osteoporosis with at least one vertebral fracture and back pain included in the trial. A range of benefits were seen at 4 months that did not persist at 12 months. There was no significant differences between treatments. Adherence was problematic. 

There is insufficient evidence that a short physiotherapy treatment of either manual therapy or exercise therapy can provide long-term benefits but arguable the short-term benefits are valuable. 

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