The Academy of Research and Improvement is committed to providing and supporting you to find the right training for you, whether it be developing your skills to critique a paper about your clinical area, training to take part in a specific research study, or undertaking more formal research training towards an Masters in Research (MRes) or PhD.


If you would like to brush up or develop your research and improvement skills consider one of our workshops. Click here to find out more.

Research delivery training

If you are working with the Academy to deliver a research project within the NHS, you will need to undertake research training. The extent of the training will depend on the project you are involved with and can vary from a workshop in informed consent, to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training. Click here to find out more.

Formal research training and clinical academic careers

More formal research training is available in the form of a MRes or as part of a PhD. The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) runs a number of fellowship schemes that can buy you out of your clinical post on a full or part time basis, allowing you to undertake these programmes and think about developing a clinical academic career. Take a look at the NIHR guide here.

The links below set out the schemes available and provide information about how and where to apply for clinical academic fellowships.

If you would like to discuss training options or clinical academic careers further please contact us.