Solent Community Research Partnership

As a key part of the local community, Solent NHS Trusts Academy of Research and Improvement have developed a number of partnerships with local organisations.

The aim of these partnerships is to offer more people the chance to take part in health and social care research, promoting the message that health care and research is all around us and not just available when you go to your local hospital.

By taking the opportunity to get involved in a research project to local people where they live, work, play or study can make research more accessible and increase the number of people who are able to take part. 

The partnerships enables local organisations to offer these opportunities to the people they work. The Academy team work with partners to find research studies that might suit their residents, students, clients etc. The academy team then undertake all the necessary checks and approvals for the projects and coordinates with the partner about when and how the study will be conducted. These partnerships give organisations the confidence to promote research that is safe and ethical and is delivered by an experienced research team.

Our current partnerships are described below and more information can be found about these streams by clicking on the links. The partnership continues to evolve and we are always interested to meet new organisations and develop this programme further. 


As an Academy are also keen to support the development of knowledge and skills around evidence based care and we work with our partners to provide bespoke training around research and improvement.

As part of the community partnership programme, we strive to develop meaningful collaborations with organisations working in our community ensuring that we meet everyone’s needs. We welcome the opportunity for discussion with our partners, their staff and the people they work with to ensure our partnerships evolve successfully.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this or would like more information.