Getting your project on the NIHR Portfolio

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) portfolio is a collection of studies that are eligible for support from the Clinical Research Network (CRN). This support is in the form of CRN funded research nurses/ AHPs, sitting within Solent’s Research and Improvement team, who are able to support you with the recruitment and delivery of your study.

Getting your study on the portfolio is also important for the performance of the Trust.  All studies adopted onto the portfolio are included in recruitment data which is used to inform the allocation of research resources to Solent. These resources allow us to support and develop research activity within our clinical services.

Portfolio adoption is done through your IRAS application form and therefore needs to be considered as part of the approvals process for the study. Studies cannot be adopted on to the portfolio retrospectively.

Is my study eligible?

All research being undertaken within Solent services should be considered for Portfolio adoption.

Your study is eligible for the NIHR portfolio if it meets the following criteria:

  • It must be a research project rather than improvement work such as an audit or service evaluation. You can use this useful decision making tool to find out if your project is research.
  • You or the research project must be funded by the NIHR or one of the NIHR non-commercial partners (i.e. charities)
The funding must be subject to national competition
Have undergone a peer review
Be of value to the NHS
Consider the needs and priorities of the NHS
  • The research could be an investigator initiated trial i.e. funded by a commercial company but not led by them.
  • The research could also be funded by an overseas government or unheard of charity but it would still need to meet the criteria above.
  • Commercial research (i.e. led, funded and sponsored by a commercial organisation) must be fully funded for all costs and can be adopted onto the portfolio via the industry application gateway (link). The co-ordinating centre will then assess eligibility and feasibility.

If you are unsure about whether your study is eligible or not contact us to discuss the details.

If your project is eligible use our Portfolio Adoption Fact sheet to guide you through the steps you need to take to make an application using IRAS.