Sharing learning

It may seem like it took forever to get here but once you have some results from your research its time to get sharing.

Disseminating the results of your study is vital. Letting patients, charities, clinicians and academics know what you have found out and the impact of your discoveries on current clinical practice and the evidence base helps to complete the loop and ensure your work has an impact.

There are many different ways to disseminate your results ranging from traditional publications in peer reviewed journals to video blogs on social media. When thinking about planning a dissemination strategy its a good idea to involve your target audience i.e. patients, clinicians etc. to ask them where they would like find out this information and in what format. They may also like to be involved in planning the dissemination or taking part in the actual activities. You may need to consider a number of options to reach all of your key stakeholders and accessibility is the key.

The Academy of Research and Improvement here at Solent can also help to spread your message. Our communications manager can advise you on the different options available especially if the thought of social media sends you running for the hills. We can also support with writing for publication and producing posters for conferences.

Please do get in touch to find out how we can help you to share the learning from your research.